Charolais bulls

Rogers Bar HR is committed to breeding the best Charolais bulls.  We have been performance testing for over 60 years, and our persistence has paid off!  Rogers Bar HR bulls can immediately benefit your herd by putting more pounds on your calves and thus more money in your pocket.

When we started breeding Charolais in 1959, we concentrated on important economic traits.  Calving ease, high weaning weights, and ease of keeping are always a priority when we are breeding and developing our bulls.  The most important thing we have done has been to develop these traits on GRASS!  Our bulls will not fall apart when you turn them out.  Rogers Bar HR bulls are raised and grown out on Bahia, Bermuda, Crab, and Rye Grass.  Even though they are raised on grass, our bulls excel when placed in feed tests and feedlots.  We have won more Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) tests than any other Charolais breeder in the nation!  We consistently dominate the competition.  Rogers Bar HR won the Florida Bull Test again in 2021. Our Charolais bulls gained an average of 3.96 lbs./day- more than any other breed on the test.

There are three dimensions to cattle: width of body, depth of body, and length of body.  Only one dimension can be increased without causing calving difficulty: length of body.  We try to make our bulls as long as possible.  It is the best way to add pounds without increasing the chance of calving problems.   My father would always tell me that a cow could have a 100-pound eel but only a 10-pound bowling ball.  Shape influences calving difficulty as much as weight.  As a result, we always develop bulls with clean front shoulders. 

We develop our bulls differently than most breeders do.  We do not creep feed our calves, but we still demand that they weigh over 600 pounds at weaning.  We feel that bulls must be adapted to their environment.  Most of our customers do not creep feed their calves.  They raise their calves on GRASS, not feed.  After weaning our bulls we put them out on pastures instead of developing them on feed.  Our bulls learn how to, as my father would say, “slip up on a blade of grass.”  This is one of the main reasons why our bulls do not fall apart when you turn them out.  No one likes to supplement a bull to breed his or her cows.  It is more efficient to buy a Rogers Bar HR bull that does not need extra feed to do his job! 

Our selling philosophy is to not only sell you a bull today, but to also sell you one when you replace him.  The only way we can make that happen is to make sure you, the buyer, are pleased with your purchases at Roger Bar HR.  We have been making our customers happy for over 60 years now.  Our goal is to produce cattle that will put on the most pounds quickly and efficiently… and we have been doing just that.  Our cattle gain well on feed, but also on grass.  More pounds at weaning mean more money in your pocket.