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The Rogers family has been ranching in the same location near Collins, Mississippi since 1926.  The ranch began with 15 acres of land west of Collins and 10 head of cattle.   Today, Rogers Bar HR runs over 500 head of Charolais cows and over 300 head of commercial Brangus cows.  We sell over 250 Charolais bulls a year to commercial and purebred operations.

Although we are known for our Charolais cattle, the Rogers family is also heavily involved in the commercial cattle industry.  We are one of the largest commercial operations in the Southeast.  The Rogers along with their Parker cousins run over 125,000 head of stocker cattle.   We graze cattle as far east as Florida, as far west as New Mexico, and as far north as the Flint Hills of Kansas.

The purebred operation known as Rogers Bar HR began in 1959 when the late Harlan Rogers started breeding Charolais cattle.   A couple of years later, Harlan began performance testing the Charolais, making the Rogers Bar HR herd one of the oldest performance tested herds in the nation.

Throughout the years Harlan was recognized as one of the leading cattlemen in the nation.  His dedication to the breed did not go unnoticed.  During his lifetime he served on almost every committee and held every office within the American-International Charolais Association (AICA).    In 2009, Harlan and his wife Dorotheann received the ultimate honor when they were inducted into the AICA Hall of Fame.  They were also the recipients of the Beef Improvement Federation Pioneer Award and the AICA Seed Stock Producer Award of the Year.  Rogers Bar HR bulls have won and continue to win weight gain tests around the country including the University of Florida Bull Test and the Hinds Community College Bull Test in Mississippi.   Although Harlan passed away in 2010, his work lives on through the quality bloodlines he developed and preserved as the foundation for the Rogers ranch.

Today, Dorotheann Rogers and Doug Rogers operate Rogers Bar HR.  Doug is the third son of Harlan and Dorotheann.  He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned his MBA.  Doug was named one of the top stocker cattlemen in the United States by Beef Magazine in 2006.  Farm Bureau named Doug and his wife, Missy, one of the top ranchers in Mississippi in 2003 and 2004.  Doug is currently serving on the AICA Board of Directors, and has served on the board for the past 8 years.

Breeding Program

Although the ranch has been established for many years, we are not clinging to the past. We are constantly working to improve it. We incorporate all modern technology such as Artificial Insemination (AI), Embryo Transplant (ET), DNA Testing, and Genomics Testing.
We use AI to tie our information to other Charolais ranches' information.  This helps us compare our herd to other herds.  We AI not only to highly accurate outside bulls, but also to our own bulls.  By doing this we stack our pedigrees with Trait Leaders.  This effort produces a calf that has very predictable performance.

When it comes to our ET program, we try to recreate great animals.  We do not play the “what if game” when it comes to ET work.  The “what if game” is when you take great cow and breeding her to a great bull.  This mating has never been seen in real life, but it looks good on paper.  We have found out that this is an expensive game to play.  What we try to do is identify a great animal, find that animal’s dam and sire and try to recreate that same great animal.  While this is not always perfect, we have found out that it is better than the “what if came.”

Due to the all of these efforts our cattle have some of the highest EPD’s in the nation. We encourage potential buyers to request EPD information and compare our numbers with EPD’s from other herds.  We have the highest EPDs in the country.  According to AICA, 35 of the top 50 cows ranked by Total Maternal are Rogers Bar HR breed.  No other breeder comes close! Total Maternal is a value used to predict the weaning weight performance of calves from an animal’s daughters due to genetics for growth and maternal ability.  Over 200 of our Charolais cows are in the top 1% of the breed for Total Maternal and 391 are in the top 10% for Total Maternal.


In addition to superior genetics, our cattle also have the advantage of being raised on quality land.   Rogers Bar HR is located about 90 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico in the rolling hills of the coastal plains.  Our area of south Mississippi gets approximately 65 inches of rainfall annually.  Most of the soil is well drained internally and externally.  The winters are mild, and we are able to grow excellent rye grass and clovers.  Due to the good rain fall and cheap fertilizer in the form of chicken litter, we have a stocking rate of 1 head to 1 acre.  Our climate is hot and humid.  As a result, our cattle do well in Florida and all across the Southeast.  In addition, our cattle adapt to all areas of the United States and Canada.  You can ship cattle west and north and they will adapt, but it is very difficult to ship cattle south and east.  It easier to adapt to the cold than it is to the heat and humidity.


Each year the ranch conducts two sales.  The Turnout Bull Sale is held the last of February or the first of March.  We sell approximately 100 Charolais bulls and 200 Brangus heifers.   Our Cream of the Crop Female Sale takes place on the second Saturday each May.  We invite you to arrive early and take a look at our outstanding animals.  Lunch is served around 11:00 a.m. CST with the auction following at 12:30 p.m. CST.   Please give us a call and we will be glad to send you a catalog.  1-800-343-5051.


At Rogers Bar HR we are proud of our cattle and our community.  We hope you will visit us soon. We are located two miles west of the intersection of US Highways 84 and 49 near Collins.   We are sixty miles south of Jackson, twenty miles north of Hattiesburg, and one hundred twenty miles northeast of New Orleans.   Give us a call a day or two prior to your visit.  We would love to show you around!